This is a place for discussion, suggestions, polls, and feedback about the Autreat menu.

The requirements for the Autreat menu are:

Everything must be vegan.

Most Autreat participants can eat gluten (and a lot of people like pasta!), so the entire menu does not need to be gluten-free. But each meal must have enough gluten-free options for people on GF diets to get adequate nourishment.

Soy is a good source of protein, but must not be the only protein source. There need to be enough sources of protein that a person who is allergic to soy, or who simply doesn’t like tofu and other soy products, can get adequate protein from other sources.

Most Autreat participants will happily eat casseroles and other “mixed together” dishes. Most enjoy well-seasoned foods, and find bland foods unappealing. Therefore, the menu should provide interesting and flavorful prepared dishes as the main fare. (Exception: Food should not be pre-salted. Salt shakers should be available for people to salt to taste.)

A significant minority of Autreat participants have problems with mixed-together tastes or textures, or with foods seasoned to “typical” taste, or have individual food allergies or intolerances that require them to avoid certain ingredients. To accommodate individuals’ needs, each meal should also have some “modular” options that allow people to choose exactly which foods they want, and to mix them or keep them separate according to their preferences. These options include:

  • A salad bar instead of pre-mixed salads
  • A pasta bar with plain unseasoned pasta and a choice of sauces
  • A sandwich bar with plain bread and a choice of different spreads  and sandwich fillings

With the exception of vegan sausage as a breakfast option, and vegan cheese as a pizza topping (both of which received a lot of positive feedback in the 2009 menu survery), there should be NO IMITATION MEAT, CHEESE, OR EGGS IN ANY MAIN ENTREE. Main entrees should consist of dishes that are designed to be vegan: nutritious and tasty without animal products. Recipes that are intended to include meat, cheese, or eggs, and just have “fake” meat, cheese, or egg analogs substituted for real ones, are not wanted.

Vegan cheese was popular on pizza, and as optional add-ons at the pasta and salad bars. Therefore, pizza can remain as a main entree provided there is an option for plain tomato pizza without cheese as well as pizza with vegan cheese. Vegan cheese can remain an option at the salad and pasta bars.

A few people like veggie burgers and hot dogs, so these may remain as sandwich bar options. But they should not be main entrees.

Those are the basic parameters. Please post recipes, suggestions for recipe combinations to make up balanced meals, and feedback on recipes that other people post.


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